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Tonight 20:10 - 22:00Such A Pretty Lie (France)
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In the center of Moscow, a tense duel is unwrapped between two intelligence services. The purpose of the secret operations of Hitler is to deceive Stalin about the German plans of invasion to the Soviet Union. Mayor Octyabrskiy and Lieutenant Dorin against the Nazi espionage genius. A fight in the environment of a great story and glare of the imminent war.
More information: THE SPY (Russia)>

From Wednesday 13 September 2017 -  22:30
To Thursday 14 September 2017 - 00:15


Saturday 18 Nov 13:15 : The Spy (Russia)
Thursday 23 Nov 01:10 : The Spy (Russia)
Thursday 23 Nov 07:00 : The Spy (Russia)


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