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Renato (Vincenzo Salemme), a womanizing father, teaches Marco (Giuglielmo Scilla), his clumsy son, the Decalogue of seduction: ten foolproof rules to make any woman fall in love. However, the results will be not what the two of them expect when love knocks at their door.
More information: 10 RULES FOR FALLING IN LOVE (Italy)>

From Tuesday 14 November 2017 -  23:45
To Wednesday 15 November 2017 - 01:25


Sunday 19 Nov 18:25 : 10 Rules for Falling in Love (Italy)
Monday 20 Nov 07:00 : 10 Rules for Falling in Love (Italy)
Tuesday 21 Nov 01:00 : 10 Rules for Falling in Love (Italy)
Friday 24 Nov 16:35 : 10 Rules for Falling in Love (Italy)


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