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Sixty year-old fisherman Kesse (Henrik Birch) is going through a hard divorce when he teams up with Gerd (Susanne Storm) an attractive female marine biologist on the shifting Danish seas. As a result of new fishery policies and the global financial recession, the smaller fishermen are slowly succumbing to the pressure of competing with larger fishing enterprises. But desperate times require desperate measures and so, due to increasing pressure, Kesse is forced to find more notorious and alternative ways to make money.
More information: THE SUNFISH (Denmark)>

Monday 17 July 2017, 19:00 - 21:00


Monday 20 Nov 15:00 : The Sunfish (Denmark)
Tuesday 21 Nov 04:10 : The Sunfish (Denmark)
Tuesday 21 Nov 07:10 : The Sunfish (Denmark)


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