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3 Fiction Corrupted Cops on TV and Movies


The Shield


Line of Duty

When Cops Turn Bad
3 Fictional Corrupted Cops on TV and Movies

Celebrating the airing of the new Eurochannel exclusive series: Absolution, about a police detective forced to cover a crime to protect his daughter from the authorities, we have selected three fictional cops who turned bad. They represent the darkest side of the law. Thankfully, these men are just fictional!

Vic Mackey from The Shield

The epitome of a corrupt cop, Vic Mackey set trends when it comes to police abuse and brutality on TV. Played by Michael Chiklis, detective Mackey is a corrupt and brutal officer in the Los Angeles Police Department; he steals from drug dealers, routinely beats suspects and committed murder on at least three occasions. While two of the victims were violent gangsters, one was a fellow cop who was secretly working to expose Vic and his unit. Mackey saw his tactics as a means to an end. He is a devoted father and also saw himself as a family man.

Matthew "Dot" Cottan from Line of Duty

This time we cross the Atlantic for a British cop. Matthew "Dot" Cottan is an officer, initially introduced as a Sergeant. He is promoted to detective inspector but had a background as a fixer for the organized crime group. Due to his problems with gambling and alcoholism, he was closed to being fired from the police.

Captain Nascimento – Elite Squad

In very few places the blood runs as heated as in Brazil. Son of the land of samba, Captain Nascimento is one of the most ruthless police officers of BOPE, the SWAT team-like force that primarily aims to pacify the favelas of Rio by taking out the drug organizations that run them. Nascimento is a short-tempered commander with little to zero patience for those weak of body and spirit. He also hates criminals and goes beyond the law to obtain information against drug cartels. Claiming to fight against corruption within the police and the government, he also resorts to torture to achieve his goals.

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