3 Must-Watch European Movies Set in the Alps




3 Must-Watch European Movies Set in the Alps

When the body of a tourist is found in the gelid Alpine Swiss mountains, the peace in the closest town turns into a burning hell. An investigation and its leading detective will be sure to put everyone into question. Set in the mesmerizing snowy and green landscape of the Alps, Precipice follows a story as thrilling as intriguing. It all begins when a dairymaid reads the tarot to some friends and tourists. As the death card hits the table, things go awry. Soon enough, the body of a woman is found up in the mountains.

The Climb
After more than two decades away from her childhood home, a seasoned climbing champion returns to bid farewell to her father. The visit will soon turn into her toughest physical and emotional challenge. The Climb follows Isabelle, one of the most experienced climbers in the world. She returns to climb the only mountain that has resisted her, the Roches Brunes, overlooking the family hotel that saw her grow up. Upon arrival, she meets her childhood sweetheart, an encounter that will change her path. This return becomes an opportunity to settle not only the battles she has inside but also the emotional scars from her past.

Blind Fear
After a horrendous car accident, Betty seeks solace in her new job. She is assigned to look after a blind kid in the remote French Alps. This will not be a dream job but will become a harrowing and difficult nightmare to get away from. Blind Fear is a journey through a woman’s darkest horrors! This engaging production follows the story of Betty, a child caregiver specialized in looking after blind children. Following an accident in which she lost a baby, she looks for a new opportunity in a new job. The assignment is to look after Sylvain in a remote house within the cold and snowy Alps.

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