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3 Worth-Watching Italian Movies of 2019


Piranhas (La paranza dei bambini)


Ordinary Happiness (Momenti di trascurabile felicità)

3 Worth-Watching Italian Movies of 2019

Celebrating the airing of Parental Guidance, an Italian production about family and hopes, we have selected three outstanding Italian movies of 2019 you should not miss!

Piranhas (La paranza dei bambini)

Directed by Claudio Giovannesi, Piranhas is an Italian drama following a group of 15-year-old boys from the Rione Sanità neighborhood in Naples. Dreaming to gain power and easy money, the boys make their way onto the city's world of crime. In the unconsciousness of their tender age, they live between good and evil deeds, thinking that crime can be their only chance of life.

Piranhas was selected to compete for the Golden Bear at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival, where it won the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay.

Ordinary Happiness (Momenti di trascurabile felicità)

One of the best Italian comedies of the year, Ordinary Happiness became a favorite amongst the public across Europe, where it toured across many festivals. As soon as the movie starts, it’s pure entertainment… One morning Paolo hops on his scooter off to work. For his daily bravado, he crosses an intersection with the red lights on, gets hit by a truck and dies. The production ponders on the idea of what if for a miscalculation in Paradise, you get an extra hour and a half to live after death trying to achieve what really counts in life.

Tomorrow’s a New Day (Domani è un altro giorno)

A remake of a multi-award-winning production (Truman – starring Ricardo Darin), Tomorrow’s a New Day follows two quirky characters. Giuliano and Tommaso have been friends for 30 years, but the next four days will be the hardest they’ve ever had. Tommaso lives in Canada and is a teacher, Giuliano stayed in Rome, where he works as an actor. They are extremely close, despite their obvious differences: Giuliano is outgoing and extrovert, Tommaso shy and retiring. Giuliano, a vivacious, seductive actor, who loves life, has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Tommaso comes back to Rome to help his friend tie up all the loose ends and prepare for his next journey. Goodbyes are never easy, but they still have time to relive the good times and reflect on what makes life worth living: a beautiful friendship.

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Tomorrow’s a New Day (Domani è un altro giorno)

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