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5 Iconic Movies about Psycho Exes



5 Iconic Movies about Psycho Exes

Dark Desire portrays an obsessed ex-girlfriend. Here we list five movies about crazy, and often times, psycho exes.

The Perfect Guy (2015)
Lobbyist Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) appears to have it all, with great work and a loving relationship. When her long-term lover, Dave, questions her future plans for marriage and a baby, everything comes crumbling down. Leah is distraught as a result of the separation, until she meets the charming and gorgeous Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy). As Carter reveals his explosive nature, the burgeoning romance quickly turns hazardous, prompting Leah to turn the tables on the man she believed was Mr. Right.

My Super Ex- Girlfriend (2006)
Jenny Johnson falls in love with Matt Saunders when they meet on the train, but he dumps her when he finds her too possessive. Jenny Johnson has an alter-ego, the superhero G-Girl, which he quickly regrets. Hell hath no fury like a woman with superpowers scorned, as Saunders soon discovers.

I Really Hate My Ex (2015)
How far would you go to get over your ex? Brea, Wendy, and Jessica, best friends, want answers about their previous poor relationships with men, so they kidnap their ex-boyfriends and keep them hostage until they get them! The kidnappers become a worldwide phenomenon after sharing their story in an internet chat room, with millions cheering on their battle of the exes in this hysterically humorous comedy about seduction and abduction.

Gone Girl (2014)
Former New York writer Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) and his gorgeous wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) present a picture of a happy marriage to the public in Carthage, Missouri. Nick becomes the leading suspect in Amy's abduction when she goes away on the couple's fifth wedding anniversary. The Dunnes' façade of a happy marriage crumbles as a result of the police pressure and media hysteria, raising intriguing questions about who Nick and Amy really are.

The Boy Next Door (2015)
When an attractive, charming adolescent called Noah (Ryan Guzman) moves in next door, Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez), a newly separated high school teacher, welcomes his acquaintance and engages in a little harmless — or so she believes — flirtation. Despite the fact that Noah spends most of his time with Claire's son, the teen's desire to her is evident. Claire succumbs to temptation and allows Noah to seduce her one night, but when she tries to quit the relationship, he becomes violent.

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