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5 Must-See Cop Dramas Nobody Should Miss


The Fall


The Killing

Crime Drama Made in Europe
5 Must-See Cop Dramas Nobody Should Miss

Police and crime dramas from Europe are finding enthusiastic viewers across the world thanks to the success of the Millennium Trilogy and films like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. These new stories, gripping like no others, are enchanting audiences worldwide and turning European TV series into a new, high-quality alternative to traditional US productions. We have selected five European crime- and police-driven series you should not miss.

The Fall – United Kingdom

Starring Gillian Anderson (the legendary Agent Scully from The X Files) and Jamie Dornan (from Shadows in the Sun and Fifty Shades of Grey), The Fall is a British production filmed and set in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In this series, Detective Stella Gibson and serial killer Paul Spector play a game of cat and mouse as she works to put the criminal behind bars.

Consisting of three seasons, The Fall was more than a police crime drama. Elements of psychological thriller and suspense made this production one of Britain’s favourites in the last five years.

The Killing (Forbrydelsen) - Denmark

In the awakening of a new era for Nordic cinema and television, The Killing was one of the first productions to find success worldwide. The series is set in Copenhagen and develops around Detective Inspector Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl). Each series follows a murder case day-by-day, with each episode covering twenty-four hours of the investigation.

Remarkable for its plot twists and dark tone, this Danish series became a cult television show, and has received numerous awards and nominations, including a BAFTA Award and an International Emmy. Also, in 2011, a US remake was produced to adapt the series to English-speaking countries.

Braquo - France

One of France’s best TV exports, Braquo became one of the country’s favorite crime dramas in recent years thanks to its unrivaled stories and character-driven episodes. Braquo was created by Olivier Marchal, a French actor, director, screenwriter, and former policeman, whose experience in the force proved invaluable to the authenticity of this series.

The series follows four police officers as they have their lives turned upside down after a colleague’s suicide, following a case in which he is unfairly blamed. They then cross the line between right and wrong, not hesitating to evade the law to achieve their purpose . . . restoring the honor of their friend.

KDD – Berlin Crime Squad (KDD - Kriminaldauerdienst) - Germany

A favorite in Germany and Latin America, KDD – Berlin Crime Squad is one of its country’s best police series and one of the few German TV series to reach global audiences, thanks to Eurochannel. The series differs from typical police procedurals by focusing on the daily work life and the private problems of the main characters instead of following a “case of the week” scheme, and because of the overarching storylines spanning one or several seasons. Its uncommon dramaturgy and ambiguous portrayal of the main characters brought it critical acclaim.

Lauded by critics and the public for its realism, the rhythm and the complex human relations it showcases, the series earned numerous awards at the Bavarian Television Award and the German Television Awards.

Paco’s Men (Los hombres de Paco) - Spain

One of Spain’s longest running police series, Paco’s Men spanned nine successful seasons, telling the stories of police officer Francisco "Paco" Miranda and his men as they stumble through hilarious cases.

Starring Paco Tous, the series became one of the most sold Spanish TV series worldwide, being aired in countries as diverse as Argentina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Morocco, Romania, Serbia, Italy, Slovakia and Turkey.

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Paco’s Men (Los hombres de Paco)

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