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The 40th Door

The 40th Door

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Interview with Rovshan Agayev

The 40th Door (40-ci Qapi, 2009)

Director: Elcin Musaoglu
Cast: Hasan Safarov, Gyuliar Nabiyeva, Rovshan Agayev


What would you do if the whole world seemed determined to shatter your dreams? This month, Eurochannel invites you to watch a young boy struggle with this very question in The 40th Door, a poignant film about the hard life of a boy named Rustram.

Rustram lives in The 40th Door: a settlement nestled in the suburbs of Baku, the capital of Arzebaijan. His life is good and everything seems normal until a fateful morning sees the delivery of devastating news to the boy’s doorstep. He is cordially informed that his father is dead, and now the sole responsibility for his mother’s care has fallen on his young shoulders.

With little choice left, Rustram decides to move to the city, where more unexpected turns throw his life irreversibly off course. While working at a car wash he meets a thief named Edik, who shows Rustram both the best and the worst of his new home. As he learns more about Baku, he begins to settle into his new life: he sends money home to his mother and even has time to explore his true dream of becoming a professional musician.

Fate intercedes again, however, when a gang of thugs begins to bully Rustram, demanding a “tax” for his right to work in peace. The conflict escalates when the gang steals his beloved Nagara, a musical instrument given to him as a gift, beating him within an inch of his life and destroying his most prized possession.

The 40th door comes from the imagination of Elcin Musaoglu, one of Azerbijan’s most prominent filmmakers. This modest but award-winning film is his unique vision of his homeland, and Eurochannel is pleased to take viewers on a whirlwind journey through this dark, intriguing tale.


Fourteen-year-old Rustram (Hasan Safarov) lives with his mother in a village until his father is tagically killed by the Russian mafia. After his father's death, Rustram struggles to provide for himself and his mother while still remaining on the right side of the law. Even as he works to provide for what’s left of his family, however, he never gives up on his true dream: to become a professional musician.


The 4th Door won the Gold Remi Award at the Houston International Film Festival in 2009.
• Elcin Musaoglu and Hasan Safarov were rewarded for Best Directing and Best Photography at the XIX International TV Festival Bar Montenegro in 2009.

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