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About Eurochannel


Eurochannel is a world television channel dedicated to promote the European culture and lifestyle throughout movies and series, programs dedicated to fashion events, arts or mythical destinations.

Eurochannel offers only European programs (movies, television series, documentaries and music) in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, French, Serbian and Korean versions. Eurochannel covers Latin America, United States, France, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Caribbean, Angola, Mozambique, Portugal and Korea.

Year of creation: 1994
Office Network: Miami, Paris, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires


Gustavo Vainstein - Chairman & CEO

Gustavo Vainstein is presently the Chairman & CEO of Eurochannel and has been since May 2004. As Director of Media of CitéFibre, from France, he was involved in the launch of the first "Fiber To The Home System" in Paris. During 10 years, he was the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Programs at Lyonnaise Cable (the main Paris cable system).

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Jesus Roldan – Chief Financial Officer

Jesus Roldan has been Eurochannel’s Chief Financial Officer since 2002. He studied at the Universidad de los AndesUniversidad Externado de Colombia, and Cornell University. He has a degree in Business Administration with graduate degrees in Finance, Logistics, Process Redesign, Strategic Planning and Negotiation.

He served as professor for the MBA program in Applied Finance, Trading and Logistics. He has successfully led companies in the beverage, flower, construction, banking, and broadcast media fields.

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Christian Poccard


Christian Poccard - Director of Programming & Acquisitions

Christian Poccard has been the Director of Programming and Acquisitions of Eurochannel since March 2001. With French and Italian background, he was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 20 years. Master degree in Business Administration, he holds a BA in Communications from "Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation" with afrom "Getúlio Vargas Foundation" both in São Paulo, Brazil. He worked for three years as an Executive Producer of the São Paulo International Film Festival, participating in the selection and attending Film Festivals as Berlin and Rotterdam and also working in the launchings of movies in theatrical.

At Eurochannel, he had the opportunity of attending the main TV markets as MIPCOM in Cannes as well as the main Film Festivals around the world as Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Karlovy Vary, Rome, San Sebastian, between others,  working also as producer of the channel' original productions. Besides writing articles about cinema for several magazines, he has collaborated as a juror for the International Emmy Awards as well participated as member of the jury in importants events like the Consejo Nacional de Television in Chile and the Brazilian Film Festival in Miami, USA.

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Joseph de Monvallier

Joseph de Monvallier - VP International Marketing & Sales

Graduated from the business school EPSCI, he spent one year in Russia before working for the media agency Greg Corbett Associates, in London.  He then joined the Eurochannel team for its launching on the US market, in 2008 as Marketing & Advertising Director. In 2013, he was appointed VP International Marketing & Sales.

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Aude Bidoli – International Marketing Manager

Aude Bidoli graduated from Sciences Po Paris with a Masters in Communications. She began her career in Melbourne, Australia, as part of the advertising agency Big Dog Creative. She joined Eurochannel in 2012, as Marketing and Advertising assistant. Aude was appointed International Marketing Manager in July 2013.

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History :

- Eurochannel was originally created by Abril Group (TVA) in Brazil in 1994, then released by Direct TV to cover all the Brazilian territory. The channel aimed at showing outside the European territory the diversity of the European culture. Since the beginning, it proposed an important part of cinema in its programming, completed by series, music, travels, arts and fashion .

- In 2000, the channel was acquired by Multithematiques INC. (Canal + Group) and Vivendi and launched its Spanish version.

- In 2004, Gustavo Vainstein, former executive at Noos, French cable operator, took control of the channel and raised Eurochannel viewers to 5 millions. Since 2004, the channel develops its programming content and also created its own programs (See Europroduction).

- The channel is continually expanding in new countries. In 2007, Eurochannel was launched in Portugal. Since April 30th 2008, the channel is available in the US in an English version through the satellite operator DISH Network, both on the “French Bouquet” and “A la Carte”.

- In July 2009, Eurochannel launched for its subscribers a monthly magazine: Eurochannel Guide. The Eurochannel Guide is issued on a monthly basis and available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish on Eurochannel website. Since November 11th 2009, the channel is available under the name Kino Europa both in DISH Network’s Polish Super Pack and A La Carte, in Polish audio with English subtitles.

- In  2011, Eurochannel launches its first on-demand service in Korea, and is broadcasted in France through three cable providers.

- In 2012, Eurochannel is launched in erbia and Bosnia Herzegovina, and creates the Eurochannel app on Google TV and Amazon in the USA.


Eurochannel is a one-of-a-kind network. Our vast selection of modern entertainment from the every corner of Europe takes viewers on a whirlwind tour of European culture.

Eurochannel presents only top of the line European programming: From traditional films to the hottest new cinema; from sweeping, epic serials to heart-pounding mini-series; from specials on historical art to the very latest in modern rock, pop and easy listening music, Eurochannel has something for everybody. Eurochannel is more than just shows: we also show subscribers the best, most secret parts of European culture with our travel specials, and our all-access coverage of Europe’s most important film festivals.


Eurocinema brings a banquet of amazing European films, from unforgettable classics to the latest hits straight from Europe’s best and brightest filmmakers.


Every week,  viewers find something exciting on Euroseries, an exclusive collection of brilliant and engaging shows.


Viewers  find musical legends like U2 and Phil Collins performing alongside the hottest up-and-coming acts like David Guetta and Enrique Iglesias. On Euromusic, they are invited to explore the next big thing from the heart of Europe, or to rediscover their old favorites.


Eurochannel brings its viewers into the most important film festivals in Europe. Viewers will see the films that are taking the world by storm, and then witness exclusive interviews with the top actors and directors. Witness the festivals at Cannes, Karlovy Vary, Venice, and Berlin – Europroduction are their VIP pass to rub elbows with the stars.

- Euro Dj’s

Eurochannel take the viewer on a journey with the most famous DJs in Europe as they relate the stories of their art, success, and adventures around the world. Through exclusive interviews with the Eurochannel team, and plenty of video clips, you can see the inside story on the hottest new leaders of the underground music scene.

- Eurofestival

The channel covers main european prestigious Festival: Cannes Film Festival, Karlo Vivary Film Festival, Berlinales, la Mostra de venice, La Festa di Roma...


Taking a trip to Europe has never been so easy. Eurotravel programs takes viewers on a trip across the most breathtaking cities and country-sides in the world without ever having to set foot on a plane.


Europe is the birthplace of art, and Euromagazine gives a historian’s look at the world’s greatest cultural achievements from both ancient and modern times. Experience firsthand the fascinating world of European craftsmanship and traditions – from the sculptures of Greece to the cooking in Tuscany.


With Eurofashion, Comcast subscribers will have a front row seat at the hottest fashion shows in Europe. Check out the biggest names in fashion walking down the runways of London, Paris and Milan. Then go backstage for exclusive interviews with the world’s greatest designers.


The Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Tiny glimpses into the soul of Europe

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour offers an authentic trip around Europe through exceptional programming.

It is a look at European cinema through the eyes of innovative directors, known for their talent, originality and independence. With this selection of the best creations from all European countries, Eurochannel invites fans of cinema and European culture to discover the newest faces and perspectives of the European film scene.

Regularly awarded at short film festivals and often being shown for the first time outside of their country, all the shorts presented have a strong identity taken from a particular region of Europe. They all reflect unknown dimensions of European reality.

From 2008 to 2012, more than 200 screenings were organised all over the 4 continents covered with the support of some embassies, French Alliances and NGOs.

One month, one country - One country in the spotlight

Several times a year for a whole month, Eurochannel dedicates a major part of its programming to one European country. This event gets a large amount of media coverage. During this special event, Eurochannel presents all aspects of this country through movies, documentaries and music.