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Absolution (Spravedlnost, 2017)
Czech Republic

Cast: Ondrej Vetchy, Martin Finger, Elizaveta Maximová Jitka Schneiderová
Director: Peter Bebjak
Genre: Crime, drama
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 3
Length: 80’


When Lily knocks on her father’s door, she never thought they would never be safe again. She asks her father for help with a crime at her apartment as he is a renowned detective. To his surprise, Lily is the one behind it all. Eurochannel premieres Absolution, a new crime drama series in which love, fate, murder, conspiracy and jealousy, tangle in a life-changing murder case.

Beset with intrigue and surprises, Absolution follows the distressing case of a judge’s assassination. It all starts when one fateful night, twenty-year-old Lily comes running to the flat of her father, criminal police detective Richard, and tells him that she has killed her lover, VIP judge Kowalsky. The murder, allegedly in self-defense, turns the family upside-down.

Divided in three heart-pounding episodes, this crime series reflects on the question of what price must a detective pay for investigating the murder of a prominent judge which was carried out by his daughter? As Richard decides to cover for her, gets rid of the evidence, and buries the body, the investigation of the murder is assigned to the team led by Richard.

Eurochannel premieres new drama with plenty of thrills, action and intrigue. As Richard’s investigation unfolds, he must decide whether his love for justice is stronger than the love he has for his family!

Absolution – E1

A shocked, twenty-year-old Lily, runs to her father's door to tell him that she killed her lover in self-defense. Her father, a police investigator, decides to cover his daughter. He cleans the evidence and digs the body. When the body is eventually found, he is assigned the case...

Absolution – E2

Richard knows his daughter is hiding something. An investigative journalist comes across evidence linking the murdered man with a shady firm. Soon, he realizes that he is becoming part of a dangerous game where interests are even higher...

Absolution – E3

An autopsy confirms to Richard that the victim was under the influence of sleeping drugs at the time of the killing, changing the direction of the investigation. Richard must decide whether to protect his daughter from justice or come to terms with reality...

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