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Ahmed Hafiane – An Immigrant Actor



Ahmed Hafiane – An Immigrant Actor

Tunisian born Ahmed Hafiane plays the role of the mechanic Hassan in The Right Distance. This was his first Italian film, which launched his successful career in the Italian cinema. He worked in some other productions that tackle the xenophobia and the life of an immigrant in the western world. Here are two of them, and a brief profile on him.

Ahmed Hafiane was born on October 1, 1966 in Ksour Essef, Tunisia. He started in school theater, then became an animator, until becoming an actor in order to “express his passion for comedy”. He appeared in several Tunisian and Italian films, as well as in some Tunisian series. From 2007, he played in Italian films with The Right Distance by Carlo Mazzacurati.

Una grande famiglia (The Family)
In 2015, Ahmed Hafiane won the Roberto-Rossellini Prize for his role in the third season of the Italian soap opera "Una grande famiglia" (The Family). This series raises the issue of immigrants of Arab and Muslim origin who chose Italy to live in, and presents the problems these immigrants encounter in terms of coexistence and integration within Italian society, while preserving the cultural and ideological peculiarities of their countries before immigration.

Fatwa 2018
In November 2018, he received Best Actor award at Carthage Film Festival for his role in Fatwa by Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud. In this movie he plays Brahim, a Tunisian living in France, who returns to Tunisia only to find out his son is in a radical terrorist group. This movie is an intense portrait of a father in search of understanding his son's behavior and radical Islamic inclinations. It explores extremism through a father’s eyes.

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