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Ajami (2009) - Yaron Shani & Scandar Copti

Ajami (2009) - Yaron Shani & Scandar Copti


Ajami is a powerful crime drama set on the streets of Jaffa's Ajami neighborhood - a melting pot of cultures and conflicting views among Jews, Muslims and Christians - and told through the eyes of a cross-section of the city's inhabitants: a young Israeli (Shahir Kabaha) fighting a criminal vendetta against his family, a Palestinian refugee (Ibrahim Frege) working illegally to finance a life-saving surgery, a Jewish police detective (Eran Naim) obsessed with finding his missing brother, and an affluent Palestinian (Scandar Copti) dreaming of a future with his Jewish girlfriend. As their stories intersect - and the film's narrative shifts back and forth in time - we witness a dramatic collision of different worlds and the tragic consequences of enemies living as neighbours.

Biography of Yaron Shani (Director):

Yaron Shani is an Israeli director born in 1973. He graduated the Tel Aviv University Department of Film and Television with his thesis film Disphoria, a 40-minute drama, which won the Audience Award at the Babelsberg International Student Film Festival, as well as a Special Jury Mention at Karlovy Vary. The film was broadcast on ARTE and ZDF (Germany), and participated in several other international festivals.

As the director of The Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival in 2002, he met Scandar Copti, and they both started to develop their first feature film Ajami. In that time, Yaron had directed and edited documentaries and 3D films for Orpan Group, shown in museums and cinema theaters all over the world.

Biography of Scandar Copti (Director)

Scandar Copti is a Palestinian citizen of the Israeli state, born and raised in Jaffa. After graduating from the Israeli polytechnic The Technion as a mechanical engineer, he decided to leave his profession and pursue his childhood dream of becoming a filmmaker. After studying acting and scriptwriting, Scandar made The Truth, a 12-minute mockumentary produced by the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, and acclaimed for its bold political statement.

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