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Almost Perfect (Sover Dolly på ryggen, 2012)

Director: Hella Joof
Cast: Lene Maria Christensen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Mia Lyhne, Casper Crump
Genre: Comedy


Eurochannel presents a Danish comedy that proves that Nordic cinema has more than thrillers to offer. Come meet Anne on her adventure of becoming a mother – she will find that despite all the ups and downs, her life is Almost Perfect.

Directed by Hella Joof, Almost Perfect tells the story of Anne, who has given up on trying to find a man who fits in her sensible and controlled life. She chooses to become pregnant with a specially selected sperm donor, but as she becomes increasingly influenced by hormones, she slowly realizes that her child may resemble the unknown father and possibly acquire his less flattering characteristics. From then on, Anne sets out on a quest to ensure the donor is perfect, but surprises are waiting on her path, and will change her life forever.

The movie stars the famous Danish actress Lene Maria Christensen (who also had the lead character in Lulu & Leon, previously aired on Eurochannel) and Nikolaj Lie Kaas. The pair deliver a funny story where the unexpected is always present to make viewers laugh at the mischief created by both characters.

Enjoy an entertaining tale about the unexpected tides of love and romance, and discover alongside Anne if the donor of her future child deserves the title of father.


Anne (Lene Maria Christensen) has given up on finding a boyfriend who matches her sensible and controlled life. She has therefore decided to be inseminated with a carefully selected sperm donor. But as her hormones get the better of her, she realizes that the child may come to resemble the father.

Airing times

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