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Anatomy of a Murder (Detektivové od Nejsvětější Trojice, 2015 – present)
Czech Republic

Cast: Klára Melíšková, Stanislav Majer, Miroslav Krobot, Tereza Voříšková
Director: Jan Hřebejk
Genre: Crime, action, drama
Seasons: 5
Episodes: 16
Length: 68’


Detectives from a police crime department investigate bizarre and shocking murders in a Czech town. As the unit investigates the crimes, they soon expose harrowing cases of exorcising rituals, deep corruption, betrayals and multimillion robberies. Eurochannel premieres the first season Anatomy of a Murder, a new drama series following the investigations of a crime unit that will stop at nothing until it finds the truth.

Crime is looming close to Prague. In a tranquil small town, the harrowing murder of a woman draws the attention not only of the police but also the whole country. Found in a church, the crime has sparks of an unseen ritual and torture.

This three-part crime miniseries, directed by one of the best present-day Czech film directors Jan Hřebejk (Big Beat, Divided We Fall, Pupendo, Cosy Dens, Up and Down), is framed by an authentic and realistic description of crime investigators’ work. Inspired by the British literary and film tradition of dark dramas, Anatomy of a Murder delivers a gripping plot full of twists and surprises as the main characters, Major Výrová, Lieutenant Mráz, and their controversial boss, Colonel Vitouš, investigate a murder involving an exorcising ritual.

Eurochannel invites you to the heart of the Czech Republic where a crime puzzles the most experienced of detectives. Come and join an investigation to discover the truth behind the horrendous crime of this first season.

Anatomy of a Murder – S1E1

Father Karas (Jan Budar) is in love with a young teacher, Veronika (Tana Hlostova). He wants to marry her and to leave the priesthood. Karas’ life plans are cut short by the murder of his beloved Veronika. She has been strangled on the altar in Karas’ church. She was tortured, raped and burned with a satanic symbol on her body.

Anatomy of a Murder – S1E2

Father Karas is the prime suspect of killing the woman he loved. The crime and its motives have a far less sensational background than it seemed. Its roots lie in sociopathy and emotional deprivation.

Anatomy of a Murder – S1E3

Before her romance with Father Karas, Veronika had an affair with a university professor. It soon becomes clear that the intention of the true killer was to frame the priest… but who will torture the victim to make it look like an exorcism?

Anatomy of a Murder – S2E1

The body of Professor Chalupa, a popular teacher at the Department of Linguistics, is found on the faculty’s grounds. The professor was on the trail of a huge corruption scandal involving the highest levels in the faculty management.

Anatomy of a Murder – S2E2

Another body is discovered, the editor of the regional branch of the TV news network. Marie Výrová and her team discover that Chalupa was working with the reporter to prepare a story about corruption in the university.

Anatomy of a Murder – S2E3

Výrová organizes a trap and mentions, in front of the Registrar, who the police suspect of planning or executing the murders. They have found compromising material among the reporter’s items.

Anatomy of a Murder – S2E4

As the investigation closes on the Registrar and the head of the security agency, confessions and arguments lead to a violent ending with kidnappings and shootings.

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