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Babylon Sisters (Babylon Sisters, 2017)

Cast: Lorenzo Acquaviva, Renato Carpentieri, Amber Dutta
Director: Gigi Roccati
Genre: Comedy, drama
Length: 85’


Four families and one greedy landlord fight the battle of their lives. It is a fight for survival when the property owner decides to evict his tenants in a run-down building. Now, a community unites overcoming boundaries of race, creed and nationality. Eurochannel premieres Babylon Sister, a dramatic comedy that proves we are all equal!

The movie follows Kamla and her parents as they have just moved in a neglected building with other immigrant families and an elderly and grumpy retired school teacher, determined not to leave his home, when an eviction notice falls on all the residents. While the men react in anger to the landlord's threats, the women strive to cooperate and save the destiny of their families through tears, laughs and misunderstandings.

European cinema blends with Bollywood in Babylon Sisters. In this riveting production, the main stars, two Indian women fight for their rights and survival in a society constantly fighting immigrants. In this unsettling situation, little Kamla and professor Leone become friends, while her mother Shanti will soon reveal a gift, dancing like a Bollywood star. Thanks to a friendly social worker, they come up with the idea of a dance school to save the building and their future.

Babylon Sisters enchanted audiences across Europe, especially in London, where its director graduated from the London Film School and London Metropolitan University. This heart-warming migrant tale of sisterhood and music is now on Eurochannel to charm and inspire you in equal measure.


The residents of a rundown building receive an eviction notice from their landlord. Led by little Kamla and professor Leone, this striving immigrant community will fight for the destiny of their families through tears, laughs and misunderstandings.

Airing times

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