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Back Home - Andrei Cohn - Romania




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3 Essential Romanian Filmmakers Everybody Should Know

Back Home (Acasã la tata, 2014)

Director: Andrei Cohn
Cast: Alexandru Papadopol, Florin Zamfirescu, Natasha Raab, Ioana Flora
Genre: Comedy


Can 24 hours change your future? After learning that his partner is expecting a child, Robert escapes Bucharest for the small village where he grew up. Time has passed and old friends have set down roots in the town, but Robert is now the man everybody looks up to. Eurochannel presents Back Home, the story of a man who triumphed in Romania’s capital but now goes back for a day in order to move forward.

A pure art house project, Back Home is the debut feature of Andrei Cohn. The movie tells the story of Robert, a young writer passing through the most difficult time in his life. One day he decides to run away from his problems in Bucharest and reunite with his father after three years ― the time since his mother died. Frightened by the future, the writer retreats into the past, hoping to fix his present by pinpointing where his life went wrong.

An example of the Romanian realistic cinema, Back Home is set away from the deafening streets of Bucharest, luring its protagonist to a village where time seems to have stopped somewhere in the 1980s. There he will face a war of readjustments as expectations, status and ambitions will be discussed in a search of a certain existential clarity.

Back Home earned many nominations for the 2016 Gopo Awards, given by the Romanian Film Academy, amongst them Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography. For her performance, Ioana Flora won the Best Actress in a Leading Role award at the same ceremony.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy one of the masterpieces of modern Romanian cinema, and to realize how sometimes one must go through one’s memories to be able to see a bright and promising future.     


Robert (Alexandru Papadopol) is a young journalist passing through a difficult period in his life. He returns to his native village for a day . . . one day to meet with his father, with whom he has had a difficult relationship, and with two former classmates: Petrica (Andi Vasluianu) ― his old best friend, now married with children ― and Paula (Ioana Flora), his teenage sweetheart. The time has come for Robert to change his destiny.

Festivals and Awards:

• Gopos Awards (Romanian Film Academy)
 - Best Actress in a Leading Role - Winner
 - Best Actor in a Leading Role - Nominated
 - Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Nominated
 - Best Actress In A Supporting Role - Nominated
 - Best Screenplay - Nominated
 - Best Cinematography - Nominated
 - Best First Feature Film - Nominated
 - Best Sound – Nominated

• Sarajevo Film Festival
 - Best Film – Nominated

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