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Back to Mom’s (Je retourne chez ma mère, 2011)

Director: Williams Crépin
Cast: Annie Cordy, Pierre Cassignard, Peggy Leray, Barthélémy Guillemard
Genre: Comedy


François never thought that going back to his mother’s house was going to change his life. Having lost his job some time ago and being recently divorced, he only has his mom to get back on track. But returning to his mother’s isn’t as simple as he expected; she’s got a boyfriend and plenty of challenges for him. Come along with François as he goes Back to Mom’s!

Back to Mom’s is a French comedy about the challenges of life and family. François is a 40-year-old man facing the hardest time of his life. His ex-wife is dating their gym coach; he’s just been sacked from his job; he’s been kicked out of his house and now has no place to live. After running out of resources, his only way out is to live with his mother.

With plenty of humor, Back to Mom’s portrays the importance of family through the relationship of François and Alice, his mother. To her, he will always be her child. She pampers him, worries when he is late, and tells him off every chance she has. To François, things are more difficult. He has to maintain his lies about the real reason for his return while trying to cope with his mother’s annoying habits.

Eurochannel presents an uplifting comedy that proves life always offers us a second chance and that family is everything. Enjoy a light and refreshing fable about the purest form of love . . . a mother’s!


François (Pierre Cassignard), divorced and unemployed, finds himself on the street. He returns to live with Alice (Annie Cordy), his mother, claiming he has gotten a job with a local company. Confronted with his past, François accumulates lies that Alice does not take long to discover.

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