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Better Days (Better Days, 2018)

Cast: Cody Brotter, Zachary Mooren, Mitch Eakins, Sarah Lindsey
Director: Alessio Di Giambattista
Genre: Comedy, drama
Length: 85’


It’s New Year’s Eve a group of friends gather in a countryside house. When it all seemed to be the perfect occasion to spend the days laughing and having fun, soon it all turns into a hilarious and poignant experience for all of them. Eurochannel premieres Better Days, an emotional, yet funny film that proves that you don't always get what you want. Sometimes you get better!

Better Days is told through the life of Gary, a passionate writer struggling with self-confidence who is finally given the chance to write a theatrical play and a to start a new life with a move to San Fransisco. Shortly before moving, Gary falls clumsily in love with Ann, they establish a deep connection and pursue a long-distance relationship. After some time, it all changes and Ann becomes distant while Gary is anxious to figure out what went wrong.

Addressing themes like passion, sex, loss and trust, and how they all complicate and enrich friendships, Better Days reaches its peak as Gary’s best friends reunite for a New Year’s Eve party in Los Angeles. As soon as childhood friends are back together and old dynamics rekindle, Gary becomes conscious of his mistake.

From the first cut to the last, the movie characters laugh at funerals and cry at weddings to finally understand that the best days of their lives are the ones they spend while waiting for 'better days' to arrive,

Eurochannel invites you to a story of what our friendships mean to us and the power they have to anchor us.


It’s New Year’s Eve and Gary (Cody Brotter) desperately tries to spark the interest of his ex-girlfriend, without letting his friends embarrass him. However, he ends up receiving devastating news instead.

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