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Beyond Suspicion (Insoupçonnable, 2011)

Cast: Cristiana Réali, François Berléand, Jade-Rose Parker
Director: Benoît d'Aubert
Genre: Thriller, crime, drama
Rating: 14


Valérie embodies the representation of a devoted wife, an exemplary mother and a perfect professional. Behind that pristine façade, however, lies a serial killer. Eurochannel premieres Beyond Suspicion, a crime thriller about the deep scars the past left in a woman’s mind. She stops at nothing when it comes to revenge!

In a flawless blend of crime, suspense and psychological thriller, Beyond Suspicion follows the story of Valérie. She is a happily married mother and psychiatrist dedicated to her family and patients. When she is not working or spending quality time with her loved ones, she directs the local church’s choir – a woman with no stains!

What Valérie can’t stand is violence against women. Every time a case of this nature knocks at her door, demons of her past come back to haunt her. The childhood wounds left by an abusive father have turned Valérie into a remorseless executioner. Valérie’s two faces – her pretty and kind appearance and her revengeful conscience – battle for the spotlight as her husband starts doubting her behavior while leading a police investigation.

Eurochannel invites you to the dark world of a serial killer stalked by the scars of a molested childhood. Will she ever be caught and will her family discover her secret nature?


Valérie (Cristiana Réali) is an active and exemplary woman. Psychiatrist by profession, a mother, a wife and an irreproachable parishioner. Still, Valerie is a serial executioner. She kills men who are guilty of family violence.

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