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Director Biography Laszlo Nemes

Laszlo Nemes was born in 1977 in Budapest, Hungary and grew up in Paris. After studying History, International Relations and Screenwriting, he started working as an assistant director in France and Hungary on short and feature films. For two years, he worked as Béla Tarr's assistant on The Man From London, and subsequently studied film directing at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. After directing his first 35-mm short film, With a Little Patience (in competition in Venice and nominated for the European Academy Awards 2008), he went on to direct The Counterpart in 2008, and has recently finished the shooting of a third short film. He is currently developing his first feature film, „Else". His short films have been awarded twenty prizes in various international film festivals.

About the film

After a lengthy pre-production period and a difficult quest for the main actress and the location – both of paramount importance, due to a continuous close-up on a face for more than 10 minutes – the two-day shooting took place in 2007. Young theater talent Virág Marjai was chosen for the main role, supported by a cast of both professional and amateur actors. The film, entirely processed in a photochemical way, had its world premiere at the 64th Venice Film Festival. It has been since invited to more than 50 international film festivals, winning more than 20 awards, and was nominated for the European Film Academy Awards late 2008.

Director's comments

This film takes us on a journey, closely following a human being within a specific time frame and space – within one long shot. The viewer, seeing nothing else than the face of an enigmatic woman, a dedicated office clerk, perceives only a shallow surface of surrounding reality. To build up that limited knowledge interested me deeply, in a story in which History, on a large scale but almost invisible, is patiently at work somewhere in the background.

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