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Blind Fear (Entre deux ombres, 2009)

Cast: Annelise Hesme, Michel Vuillermoz, Marc de Montlivault
Director: Philippe Venault
Genre: Drama
Length: 95’


After a horrendous car accident, Betty seeks solace in her new job. She is assigned to look after a blind kid in the remote French Alps. This will not be a dream job but will become a harrowing and difficult nightmare to get away from. Eurochannel premieres Blind Fear, a French psycho-thriller about lies, secrets and survival.

Blind Fear is a journey through a woman’s darkest horrors! This engaging production follows the story of Betty, a child caregiver specialized in looking after blind children. Following an accident in which she lost a baby, she looks for a new opportunity in a new job. The assignment is to look after Sylvain in a remote house within the cold and snowy Alps.

Up in the mountains, Sylvain lives with his father, Franck, the town’s doctor. At first sight, Franck seems to be a good-hearted man with a deep concern about his child but he hides a secret about his wife. To Sylvain, she is away on a work trip… and the lie must be maintained at all cost!

In the backdrop of a snowy and dark landscape, the obscure universe of Blind Fear immerses viewers into the complex world of blindness. As Sylvain wonders about his mother and worships her almost insanely in her absence, Franck acts suspiciously. It is up to Betty to find the murky secret behind the absence of a mother.

Eurochannel invites you to plunge into a world of shadows. In the cold French Alps, Betty will discover a harrowing truth that will turn her dream job into a nightmare!


After a tragic car crash and losing the baby she was expecting, Betty seeks solace in a new job looking after a blind kid in a mountain house. Her hopes of a new start turn into a nightmare when she discovers the dark secrets that lie in the Alps.

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