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Blood Brothers (Frères de sang, 2009)

Cast: Marc Andréoni, Yvon Back, Clément Chebli
Director: Stéphane Kappes
Genre: Thriller, drama, crime
Rating: 14


Brice murders people for fun every time he logs into his favorite online game. One day, a reality check comes to his door when the police suspect he may also be behind the killing of four young women. Eurochannel presents Blood Brothers, a psychological crime thriller about a family shattered by homicides, betrayal and lust.

Blood Brothers follows siblings Brice and Martin, and their family, as they try to prove Brice is not one of France’s most wanted serial killers. Amid his most rebellious teenage years, he flirts with girls at every given chance, plays action games and thinks he’s superior to his parents. It all changes when the police arrest him for the violent murder of four young women.

Through a dark cinematography -- sometimes an allegory of the noir genre -– and surprising twist, Blood Brothers immerses viewers into the intense anguish of the Lemeunier family as they track Brice’s every single step to prove his innocence and reveal the truth. Soon enough the past of their father reveals that sometimes the truth is harder to cope with than jail.

Eurochannel presents a psychological thriller that ponders the idea of how far could you go to save your family, and how many of your sins are you willing to reveal to save them from injustice.


Brice (Sylvain Dieuaide), the eldest son of the Lemeuniers, is accused of a quadruple murder. His brother Martin (Clément Chebli) will do whatever it takes to prove his innocence.

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