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3 Essential Films on Technology Addiction

Breaking News (Infoholik, 2017)

Cast: Yevgen Yanovych, Oleg Maslyuk, Elena Borozenets
Director: Vladyslav Klimchuk, Valentyn Shpakov
Genre: Comedy


What if all the news you read influenced directly your life? That is what happens to Maksim, an investing manager too busy reading the news in his social network feeds fails to notice his own problems until the news hit his own life. Eurochannel premieres Breaking News, a hilarious comedy about modern-day life and technology!

Breaking News follows a hectic period in the life of Maksim, a young executive at a startup investing company. He is all about the news and current affairs – it is important to know what happens in the world as it would indicate him that to invest on. With a successful career and a stable relationship with his girlfriend, Maksim could not ask for a better life… Until one day, the news start to affect him personally him!

As the plot develops, Maksim decides to avoid all contact with news outlets to avoid all the hilarious accidents he becomes involved in. What he does not expect the biggest news for his life will come from his girlfriend… It will be life-changing!

With Breaking News, the directors attempt to reflect on our extreme attachment to phones and tablets. Through the experiences of the protagonist, viewers are invited to ask themselves how much of Maksim is in anyone of us, and how our phones affect our relations with friends and partners.

Eurochannel welcomes to the hilarious world of a man slave of his actions. Just when he thought his life was perfect, a funny strike of fate will show him that there are things more important in life than a job and money.


Maksim is so addicted to internet news and social media feeds that he barely notices his wife anymore. Until she surprises him with very personal and life-changing news...

Airing times

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