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Broken Promise - Jirí Chlumský - Slovakia

Broken Promise (Slovakia, 2009) by Eurochannel



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Three Iconic Soccer-Themed Movies

A Brief Story of Slovak Cinema

Broken Promise (Nedodrzaný slub, 2009)

Cast: Samuel Spišák, Ondrej Vetchý, Vlado Cerný, Lubomír Bukový
Director: Jirí Chlumský
Genre: Drama
Rating: 14


Martin dreams of becoming a soccer star, but everything changes as the country aligns with the Nazi German regime. Based on a true story, Eurochannel presents the poignant adventures of a man, from his teenage days before WWII to the aftermath of the Holocaust: Broken Promise.

Broken Promise offer an exciting yet touching drama about the adversities most Jewish people suffered under the Nazi regime. Martin Friedmann-Petrasek enjoys the praise of his manager and teammates every time he touches a soccer ball. He is destined to become a star!

When the Fascists take over his country, Martin witnesses how members of the Jewish community, and his own family, are sent to work camps. Naïve enough to think his future will improve, he volunteers to go to one of these camps. After luck saves him from almost certain death, he joins up with the partisans and becomes actively involved in fighting the Nazis.

Broken Promise is the story of a very special hero, who managed to escape death, not thanks to his heroism, but through luck and his talent as a soccer player. The graceful and episodic structure of the film captures all the major crossroads of Martin’s war period, centering on the fundamental storyline reflecting his survival instincts as the times and situations change.

Eurochannel invites you to discover the mesmerizing adventures of a man whose desire to live, and his incredible luck, lead him to become one of the few Jewish survivors after the end of the Nazi regime in Europe.


Based on a true story of a Jewish boy in Western Slovakia who escaped deportation to a concentration camp thanks to his extraordinary soccer talent and some coincidently favorable circumstances.

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