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Buried - Monika Jordan-Mlodzianowska - Poland

Buried (Poland, 2019) by Eurochannel


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Buried (Zelazny most, 2019)

Director: Monika Jordan-Mlodzianowska
Cast: Julia Kijowska, Bartlomiej Topa, Lukasz Simlat
Genre: Drama
Length: 81’


A gripping tale of three heroes locked in a classic love triangle. One of them is trapped inside a mine. Remorse torments his wife and his superior, who are lovers.

Buried revolves around Kacper, a foreman, who has an affair with the wife of his best friend, Oskar. In order to spend time with his mistress, Kacper sends Oskar to work in the distant and dangerous sections of the mine. The mine collapses during one such trysts, trapping Oskar. A major rescue operation is launched.

Overwhelmed with guilt, the lovers throw themselves into the whirlwind of the rescue operation, but at the same time they feel deep regret for their actions. They deal with the feelings of guilt and with the realization that they were the indirect cause of this accident. The movie beautifully depicts treason, guilt, as well as friendship and love.

Too many questions remain unanswered, unmade decisions remain unsolved, and the lovers’ incapacity to confront the missing husband leads them to seek answers within themselves. Their strong feelings for each other further complicate their predicament.

To spend the night with his mistress, a foreman sends her husband and his colleague to a dangerous coal seam. After a fall of debris, the miner quickly finds himself buried with no way out.

Awards and festivals:
• Polish Film Festival (2019) - Nominee - Golden Lions - Best Film
• Winchester Film Festival (2021) – Nominee - Festival Award - Best Feature Film

Airing times

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