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Burlesque - Tereza Kopáčová - Czech Republic

Burlesque (Czech Republic, 2019) by Eurochannel



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Burlesque (Až budou krávy lítat, 2019)
Czech Republic

Cast: Eva Hacurová, Sabina Remundová, Filip Král, Stanislav Majer
Director: Tereza Kopáčová
Genre: Comedy, drama
Length: 83’


When a school teacher decides to embark on the thrilling adventure of burlesque dancing, those around her change forever. Will she be able to cope with the social pressure and keep enjoying her dancing? Eurochannel premieres Burlesque, a one-of-a-kind dramatic comedy about self-esteem and having fun!

In Burlesque, Betka is a high school teacher with a flair for moving her body to the rhythm of music. However, she has an inferiority complex because of her figure. After taking therapy to remedy the situation and help her to overcome some work problems she decides to fight her insecurities. The only problem now is that not everybody is ready to see her burlesque dancing!

After losing her job, her loved ones and her reputation, Betka is still eager to fulfill her dreams. The question is: will she be able to prove to herself and others that being fat isn’t a disability or even a burden? Is it better to hide both problem and complex, or fight them head-on with openness?

Eurochannel invites you to laugh and cry alongside the protagonist of this poignant production, and to see the world from the perspective of a woman who struggles but reluctantly fights to find happiness.


A young, full-figured high school teacher gets the chance to become attractive despite her ample figure by dancing in a burlesque bar. The world around her is not prepared for it. After losing her job and reputation she wonders if it is better to hide both problem and complex, or fight them with openness.

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