Camouflage - Reinhold Bilgeri - Austria

Camouflage (Austria, 2014) by Eurochannel



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Camouflage (Alles Fleisch ist Gras, 2014)

Director: Reinhold Bilgeri
Cast: Wolfgang Böck, Tobias Moretti, Petra Morzé
Genre: Crime, drama
Length: 90’


There are few enemies as lethal as your friends. When Anton is blackmailed and acts against the man behind the extortion, he finds himself trapped into a deeper and more criminal enterprise led by an old school friend. Eurochannel premieres Camouflage, a crime thriller about the true intentions behind people’s actions and deeds.

Camouflage follows the story of Anton Galba. He is the head of the water treatment plant in his city – basically, he turns waste into money. One fateful day, when Roland, a resentful colleague blackmails him and threatens with damaging forever his reputation and taking his position Antonio acts out!

Stakes are high, a love affair is about to be exposed and his future is in peril. When Antonio murders Roland, he doesn’t realize it’s the beginning of a new life he is going to regret forever. The officer assigned to the case is an old school friend and instead of taking him to justice, asks him to do the same and help him clean the city of criminals.

Eurochannel invites you to plunge into a world of utter destruction. No moral compass will be safe when the toughest decisions have to be made. To kill or to survive is the dilemma! What would you do?

An unscrupulous police detective corners the lead suspect of a murder investigation in executing a sinister plan.

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