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Caribbean Thunder - Italy

Caribbean Thunder (Italy, 2011) by Eurochannel




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Discover the Lives of Caribbean Thunder

Caribbean Thunder (Angeli e diamanti, 2011)

Cast: Vittoria Belvedere, Camilla Ferranti, Martina Stella, Giulio Berruti
Genre: Action, comedy
Episodes: 4


Led by a famous criminal, the biggest diamond heist in Europe takes place in Italy. The loot then emerges in Puerto Rico, where a multi-agency task force of three stunning agents is sent to recover the diamonds and finally put the thief behind bars. The mafia, Interpol and the fate of an Italian police major are now at stake in Eurochannel’s new series: Caribbean Thunder!

With an exceptional blend of comedy, action, intrigue, romance and sensuality, Caribbean Thunder follows the adventures of three women who are part of an Italian police force, Chiara, Giorgia and Laura. As they arrive in Puerto Rico on the trail of Giovanni Rossetti, a diamond thief and technology and finance expert, they find that their work on the island will be more difficult than they expected.

Golden beaches and a crystal-clear sea, lush forests, the impressive observatory at Arecibo does not represent a simple landscape; the multiple faces of the island, known for its variety and beauty, also become the protagonist of the series. In this mesmerizing setting of the Caribbean, after chases, disguises and numerous plot twists, the three glamorous agents find proof that Rossetti, under the pseudonym of John Gavi, is connected to an important Mafia clan.

Over the four episodes of the series, the three agents are helped by the most unlikely of assistants as they aim to recover the diamonds and exonerate Chiara’s father, framed by Rossetti. An aspiring monk, the friendly security officer of the luxury hotel where the agents are staying, and a vivacious Puerto Rican boy ― all use the best of their wits to help the Italian ladies solve this case.

Eurochannel welcomes you to the stunning landscapes of Puerto Rico to enjoy all the sensuality and action of three vixens as they attempt to catch a diamond thief and prove a policeman’s innocence.

Caribbean Thunder E1

After a multimillion-Euro diamond robbery in Italy, Chiara (Vittoria Belvedere), Giorgia (Martina Stella) and Laura (Camilla Ferranti), a multi-task police force from Italy, arrive in Puerto Rico following the trail of Giovanni Rossetti, a diamond thief and technology and finance expert. An international investigation launches alongside theirs, which will put the three women in danger.

Caribbean Thunder E2

Chiara (Vittoria Belvedere), Giorgia (Martina Stella) y Laura (Camilla Ferranti) contiue their search for Giovanni Rossetti. In the verge of bringing him to justice, they find new obstacles to get him answer for the stolen diamonds.

Caribbean Thunder E3

After an attempted murder, Gavi (Michael Reale) is put in security. He is the only one who can exonerate Chiara's father. But the investigation gets gradually complicated. Between twists, love and strategy, the three agents keep their efforts to get justice.

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