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Chase (1, 2, 3, voleurs, 2011)

Director: Gilles Mimouni
Cast: Isabelle Carré, Nicolas Cazalé, Olivier Sitruk, Reda Kateb
Genre: Thriller, crime, drama


Luis has just become a millionaire, but the worst is yet to come; the way in which he became rich was far from legal. One day, discouraged about his situation, Luis decides to steal the cash in the van of valuables being transported by the company he works for. With five million euros in his pocket, the hunt is on. Eurochannel premieres a stirring crime thriller . . . Chase!

Chase promises action, and it delivers! It all begins when the leading character, Luis, grows disheartened about his situation. He’s recently divorced and stuck in a job that doesn’t motivate him but serves to pay the bills. One day, he decides to run away with the van he drives, a car with 5 million euros!

Luis never imagined that his life would change for the worst. The very same day he decided to rob the van, a bloodthirsty gang leader was planning a hit on the same vehicle. To make his escape, Luis asks for help from his childhood friends, Emma and Sam, who will be in danger from day one. The police, the media, the mafia and the whole county will be after them!

Chase reminds us of the real case of Toni Musulin, who robbed the van he drove, stealing nearly 11 million Euros in a cross-country escape in 2009.

This thrilling production is directed by award-winning filmmaker Gilles Mimouni, whose 1998 movie The Apartment won the BAFTA Award for Best Film Not in the English Language and the first British Independent Film Award for Best Film in a Foreign Language.

Eurochannel invites you to feel the thrill of the breathtaking pursuit of Luis. Will he be able to keep his five millions and escape as the most popular criminal in France?


Luis (Nicolas Cazalé) is a somewhat clumsy money transporter. Against all odds, he steals his own van with five million euros. For Emma (Isabelle Carré) and Sam (Olivier Sitruk), his childhood friends and lawyers, it's time for choices: to defend Luis in remembrance of their good times in the past or let him face the danger caused by his actions alone.

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