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Chasing Justice (Ukraine, 2017) by Eurochannel

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Chasing Justice

Cast: Vasyl' Basha, Denis Rodnyanskiy, Roman Semysal
Director: Kostyantyn Denesyuk
Genre: Crime
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 80
Length: 45’


Bogdan, a cab driver, loses his wife in a car accident. When the culprit gets away with murder after bribing the police, Bogdan decides to restore justice himself. He starts an effective partnership with a law-abiding police detective.

Episode 1:

Bogdan finds a colleague's car on the side of a deserted highway. As the police are in no hurry to investigate, Bogdan starts his search with his friends - doctor Yaroslav and hacker Gennady.

Episode 2:

A boy disappears at a playground. In search of the boy, Bogdan asks help from Captain Marina. Soon Bogdan and Marina find out why there is no ransom demand for the kidnapped child.

Episode 3:

An elderly woman faints right in the middle of the road. Fortunately, Bogdan stops by to help the old woman. She does not remember her name or address but Bohdan persuades Marina to investigate.

Episode 4:

A young driver crashes. He lost control of the car due to numerous stab wounds. Bogdan tries to find the attacker and once again marvels Marina with his detective methods.

Episode 5:

Bogdan starts working as a driver for Marina. On the first day, he picks up valuable evidence at a crime scene. Marina initially does not pay attention but the investigation proves the taxi driver again made no mistake in his assumptions.

Episode 6:

When a taxi driver is found strangled in his car, Bogdan considers it his duty to track down the killer. Igor is increasingly annoyed that the "driver" interferes with the investigations.

Episode 7:

An ambulance doctor examines a pregnant woman when her husband becomes ill. Examination shows that counterfeit drugs could have caused the sudden death.

Episode 8:

When a young girl is found dead, all evidence points to her friend's father. After learning that the accused is a taxi driver and a single father, Bogdan takes care of his colleague's fate and undertakes to prove his innocence.

Episode 9:

Bogdan finds himself in a pre-trial detention center on charges of abducting a passenger and all his credibility is questioned.

Episode 10:

A young businessman falls from his balcony. However, Marina and Bogdan learn that the death of the man was hardly an accident.

Airing times

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