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Close Up With Ivan Nichev - Bulgaria
Ivan Nichev

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Up Close With Ivan Nichev


Ivan Nichev has made his name as the most prolific director out of Bulgaria. His films are full of raw human emotion told through the eyes of some unusual yet captivating characters.

Bulgarian films are not easy to come by, but the few films that do emerge are for a select audience that usually sees them in film festivals. Ivan Nichev, however, has become a name associated with great Bulgarian filmmaking since the 1970s. They have withstood the test of time thanks to their unique qualities that are enjoyable by everyone and are still admired to this day.


Eurochannel flew to Bulgaria to meet with director Ivan Nichev. From Sofia to Plovdid, we revisited the locations of his most famous films with him. In this 30 minute special program, the acclaimed director  discusses everything about his career, his movies, and cinema. The program is a fascinating talk with one of the greatest directors alive. A must see for movie lovers!

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