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Connected (Connected, 2012)
United Kingdom

Director: Mike Carter
Cast: Natasha Staples, Luke Healy, Sarah Mann


What would you do if you could spend 24 hours with someone you loved but has passed away? What would you say to that person or where would you travel? Eurochannel invites you to accompany an English woman in a romantic and funnily paranormal adventure with a ghost in Connected.  

Directed by Mike Carter (not only a film director but also a professional in coaching), Connected is a gripping story with all the ingredients to keep viewers eager for more. In this film, Jack and Louise are a couple living the dream: with two wonderful children, they are still deeply in love after nine years of marriage. But one day everything changes when Jack dies. Months later she starts seeing his ghost everywhere. Convinced she's going crazy, she tries forcing the visions out of her mind… until the morning she wakes to find him standing in her kitchen, making her breakfast.

Through its plot twists, Mike Carter manages to involve viewers in the protagonist life, to the point of trying to figure everything out with her, but also invites to reflect on what would one do when given the opportunity to be again with someone gone.

With this film, Eurochannel invites its viewers to a story of love, hope and making the most of the time that you have.


Jack (Luke Healy) and Louise (Natasha Staples) have the perfect marriage. They are connected in a way most couples dream of. But when Jack is suddenly killed in a car crash, Louise's world falls apart. Months later, still shocked, depressed and feeling like she's losing her mind, Louise starts getting mysterious text messages from Jack. Then, one morning, she wakes to find him in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

Airing times

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