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Conviction (Femmes de loi, 2007 - 2009)

Creator: Benoît Valère
Natacha Amal, Aylin Prandi, Thierry Desroses
Genre: Crime, Drama, Action
Rating: 10+


Two women stop at nothing until a crime is solved. One is hot-headed and the other one puts reason above all, but their contrasting approach to law turns them into the best crime-solving duo in Europe. Eurochannel premieres Conviction, an action-packed crime series featuring France’s most exciting cases.

Prosecutor Jane Élisabeth Brochène has plenty of crimes on her plate. To help her solve them, one police detective keeps hunting down some of France’s most notorious murderers and criminals. Together they make a killer team, and the menace of all kinds of felons in France.

Presenting the investigation and prosecution of cases ripped straight from European headlines, Conviction goes beyond action and crime; it digs deep also into the psychology of criminals and law enforcement officials. They all have a shell but inside, the true nature of their humanity is slowly revealed as the series advances.

In every Conviction episode, a different case tests the capabilities of the two leading characters. From robberies, to kidnappings, drug trafficking and rapping, our heroes will have to learn the best and worst and keep defending a country from the ever-changing color and nature of crime.

Eurochannel invites you discover the most heinous criminal cases of France, and the terrific team that helps to bring justice! Do not miss a single episode of Conviction!

Conviction – E1: Flight Plan – Part 1

Prosecutor Élisabeth Brochene (Natacha Amal) carries out a heavy operation to dismantle a drug-trafficking network run by a young psychopath nicknamed Alex. For this operation, she is assisted by a young police lieutenant, Elena Cortes (Aylin Prandi). The young woman, as troubled as she is effective, carries a painful secret ...

Conviction – E2: Flight Plan – Part 2

Following a powerful assault, members of the drug network are apprehended but the operation goes wrong and Élisabeth (Natacha Amal) has no choice but to order Elena (Aylin Prandi) to let Alex and his hostage escape.

Conviction – E3: Never Again

Crown prosecutor Élisabeth Brochene (Natacha Amal) and Lieutenant Elena Cortes (Aylin Prandi) are dispatched to a flea market where they make a macabre discovery: an antique dealer was savagely murdered in his shop. The first suspicions are on Pierre Aubère, a former employee linked to organized crime and with a past behind bars.

Conviction – E4: Judgement Day

Elena (Aylin Prandi) and Élisabeth (Natacha Amal) investigate the death of a prominent lawyer. The weapon used in the crime is missing, but evidence leads them to think that it was the same one involved in a robbery case handled by the lawyer.

Conviction – E5: The Art of Killing

In the middle of the night, as he breaks into a museum, a robber stumbles upon the corpse of Mathilde Larrieux, the museum’s Director. As he tries to escape, he suddenly finds himself facing the guardian of the museum. The old man shoots in panic. Quickly arriving on the scene, Élisabeth (Natacha Amal) and Elena (Aylin Prandi) will have to join forces to find a violent murderer.

Conviction – E6: An Eye for an Eye

Professor Fresnel (Gilles Kneusé), a surgeon specializing in transplants is found in the parking lot of the hospital, bathed in blood. Lieutenant Cortes (Aylin Prandi) and Prosecutor Brochene (Natacha Amal) will have to determine if the assassination is linked to death threats the professor received as the result of his campaign to raise awareness of organ donation.

Conviction – E7: Zodiac

The two most famous astrologers of the time clash in a televised debate. Constance de Berg (Anne Roussel) and Erwan Caradec (Didier Vinson) hate each and their arguments fuel the press. Erwan takes the opportunity to announce that he is writing a book that contradicts Constance's predictions and her method. Outraged, she threatens her rival, determined to prevent the publication of the book.

Conviction – E8: Speed Dating

Laura (Jeanne Bournaud) and David (Nicolas Guillot) have just spent the night together. She notices the late hour and rushes home. The next morning, David is found dead by his maid, with his apartment turned upside down. Prosecutor Brochène (Natacha Amal) and Lieutenant Cortes (Natacha Amal) begin an investigation which will lead them to a club where a speed dating session takes place every week.

Conviction – E9: Keeping up Appearances

A young man is found murdered in a wood. Prosecutor Brochène (Natacha Amal) and Lieutenant Cortes (Noémie Elbaz) discover that this man was not just a simple driver but also served as a gigolo for his customers.

Conviction – E10: Shadow of a Doubt

A man is murdered in a square. The only witness is a 4-year-old girl, who points to Elisabeth Brochene (Natacha Amal) as the killer. Although the police lieutenant, Theo, Perrin and the attorney general are convinced of Elisabeth's innocence, her future is at stake.

Conviction – E11: End Game

The women of law discover a corpse in the middle of a field, with the body entirely dismembered. The victim, a black man in his twenties, has no papers on him. How did he end up buried in the ground, in the middle of nowhere?

Conviction – E12: Queen of Hearts

An auctioneer is assassinated in the sumptuous setting of a sale of rare, 18th century art which he was about to host. Who killed this eminent specialist in the era of Queen Marie-Antoinette, who has been described as a man of integrity, passion and sympathy? The women of law soon discover the auctioneer was preparing to disinherit his only daughter, for the benefit of his daughter-in-law.

Conviction – E13: Swingers

Prosecutor Elisabeth Brochene (Natacha Amal) and Lieutenant Emilie Jeanson (Noémie Elbaz) are in pursuit of a serial killer officiating in the very closed circle of swingers’ clubs. After investigations on the ground, it appears that all of the victims participated in very "private" evenings, both anonymous and lavish, held in places kept secret by the organizers.

Conviction – E14: Moving Target

A disturbing burglar wearing a rat mask hits the shop of a dealer in precious stones. A few days later, a man is found dead at his home. Prosecutor Elisabeth Brochene (Natacha Amal) and Lieutenant Emilie Jeanson (Noémie Elbaz) will have a hard time solving a mystery that thickens when they discover that the heart of this case is a famous stolen diamond, The Big Blue, which disappeared 10 years ago.

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