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Countdown (Ligne de mire, 2014)

Director: Nicolas Herdt
Cast: Thierry Neuvic, Lola Dewaere, Féodor Atkine
Genre: Thriller, suspense, action
Length: 90’


Claire is pregnant and has Aline, the main witness in a major trial, in the sight of her sniper rifle. 48 hours earlier, her partner had found a case full of money in a taxi. It was such a temptation for the heavily indebted couple. Eurochannel premieres Countdown, a suspense thriller about how decisions shape our future!

Countdown offers excitement from its first second and it delivers! This action-packed film starts with Claire ready to shoot someone.

A few months before the birth of their child, Claire and David are hit hard by the crisis. The situation is difficult for the marriage. One day when David finds himself in possession of a briefcase full of money. What David and Claire are far from imagining is that a hitman is on their heels and a countdown is on after they decide to keep the money.

Caught in this infernal cycle, the couple is in a race against the clock to fulfill a contract that will mark their lives forever. Now it is too late to give the money back and to stand down from the task expected from them.

In this psychological thriller, the director and actors manage to make viewers feel the anguish and fear of the protagonists. Blending to perfection a duality between fear and romance, Countdown delivers a rollercoaster of adrenaline and emotions that will make you keep longing for more.

Eurochannel welcomes to join the fateful journey of a couple trying to survive to their worst decision ever! Will they make the right thing?

After finding a briefcase full of money, a couple is targeted by a hitman.

Airing times

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