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Coyote - Márk Kostyál - Hungary

Coyote (Hungary, 2017) by Eurochannel

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Coyote (Kojot, 2017)

Cast: András Mészáros, Mária Dobra, László Mátray
Director: Márk Kostyál
Genre: Action
Length: 132’


Struggle for the land, love and life begins when a man finds himself in conflict with a local tycoon after inheriting a house from his grandfather. Eurochannel premiers Coyote.

The suffocating heat, the gloomy atmosphere, the hidden social problems and the struggles for hierarchical status, welcome to the town of Tuzko, somewhere in present-day Hungary. Our hero, Misi, inherits a house and a property from his grandfather. A disappointed and frustrated young man who has nowhere to go, has not settled in the world, at work, or in a relationship.

Lacking money, he hires a disabled pensioner, and his silent, imprisoned brother-in-law, and he himself takes part in the construction work. He finally begins to find himself, but it doesn’t take long before trouble appears on the horizon. A local tycoon is buying up land for pennies to develop the settlement into a tourist paradise by selling the thermal water under the settlement to Swedish investors and he eyes Misi’s land next.

Frustrated by his humiliating work and the miscarriage of his sweetheart Mara, Misi refuses to sell his inheritance. He’s not so much for the musty pile of rubble, but for the first time in his life he wants to do something on his own. In the renovation of the house and in the fight against the local tycoon, he finds only two allies, and a tough fight for land, love and life begins, and it's a war between the little man and the tycoon.

After inheriting a house in a remote town, a young man is engaged in a brutal conflict against the local tycoon.

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