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Daddy (Ćaća, 2011)

Director: Dalibor Matanić
Cast: Judita Frankovic, Iva Mihalic, Igor Kovac


Family is the cornerstone of society. It is within values, ethics and morals are thought, and where one starts making the difference between good and bad. However, not all families go along as well as a fairy tale and draw a very thin line for good and evil. Eurochannel invites you to spend a week in a snowy Croatian landscape to discover the darkest secrets of a family in Daddy.

Daddy, is an independent feature film directed by the award-winning Croatian director and screenwriter Dalibor Matanić. In the film, a young woman travels with her boyfriend and sister to a remote cabin in the countryside to visit her father. In such snowy landscape, she tries to mend the pieces of a broken family only to reveal their darkest secret.

Midway between family drama, suspense and thriller, Daddy offers a polemic yet surprising approach to family relationships. Shading light to hypothetical extreme situations, this movie invites to think and reflect on what would one do if found a sister mating with one’s boyfriend or how to react if your father murders the person you love the most?

Enjoy a unique dimension of Croatian filmmaking with the award winning drama Daddy!


A girl (Judita Frankovic) persuades her boyfriend (Igor Kovac) and her sister (Iva Mihalic) to join her on a journey to the isolated backwoods of Lika. There, she finds her father (Ivo Gregurevic), who abandoned the family many years ago. Her father is now seriously ill, so this is her last chance to talk to him about everything that happened in the past. In the remote landscape of Lika, a family’s dark secrets – secrets that have been hidden for a lifetime – are about to be revealed.

Festivals and Awards

•    58th Pula Film Festival 2011 – Golden Arenas for Best Director, Best  Cinematography, Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Iva Mihalić),  FEDEORA Award for Best Film in the National Programme
•    Detective Fest 2012, Moscow, Russia - Award: diploma
•    Lecce European Film Festival 2012, Lecce, Italy

Airing times

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