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Danish Series

Danish Series

The Killing

Not only a small country which looks like the happiest in the world, Denmark is also known for its television series. Indeed, the Danish series represent an important part of popular television culture in the country, and have been aired since the 1970s.

Anna Pihl is a perfect example of the dynamism of Danish TV production, so here's a quick overview.

For many years Denmark has experienced what one might call “The Matador Complex." Aired between 1978 and 1981, Matador is probably one of the most significant series in the history of Danish television. It depicts the lives of families living in an imaginary province of Denmark during the depression of the 1930s and the beginning of World War II. The drama provoked an outburst of affection from the audience with its realistic characters and accurate description of the occupation. After the huge success of Matador, new Danish series, which were trying to renew the genre, were called "The New Matador."

It was not until the late 1990s that Denmark developed a passion for hit series again. It was at this time that Lars Von Trier created the series “The Kingdom” (1994). In this mini-series, patients of a hospital built on former wetlands live with ghosts. The series inspired the American remake of Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital.

Danish Series

Since the 2000s, mostly crime fiction and thrillers, began to become popular abroad and earned several awards at international festivals. Unit One (Rejseholdet), Code Name: Eagle or The Protectors (Livvageterne) were rewarded with the International Emmy Awards in 2002, 2005 and 2009. The Killing, released in 2007 in Denmark and introduced in France in 2010, won the Golden Nymph for Best Production at the European Festival of Monte Carlo 2010 and the BAFTA Television Award 2011 for best international series. This series has also inspired an American remake, released in 2011.

Danish production is no exception for comedy series (Klovn), musicals (Dromme Store) or dramas (2900 Happiness), but do not enjoy international recognition.

Anna Pihl is part of the police flagship productions that gave the Danish series international reputation. The story of a young policewoman, with a dynamic and intriguing aesthetic, is rooted in the realism of Danish society. Anna Pihl was able to renew the genre with cleverness and modernity.

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