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Dark Desire - Jérôme Debusschère - France

Dark Desire (France, 2013) by Eurochannel

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Dark Desire (Dangereuses retrouvailles, 2013)

Director: Jérôme Debusschère
Cast: Antoine de Caunes, Hélène de Saint-Père, Julie Debazac
Genre: Thriller
Length: 88’


After more than twenty years of professional exile in the United States, neurologist Esthelle returns home and during an evening, finds that Karine, her childhood friend is married to Paul, the man she once loved passionately. Eurochannel premiers Dark Desire.

Esthelle, a neurologist, who left to practice in the United States, is back in France to take over the management of a clinic. During a cocktail party, she meets her childhood friend Karine and is introduced to Karine’s husband, Paul: a man she was madly in love with in her youth. Karine doesn't know it, but her husband and her friend have been sharing a dark secret for more than twenty years.

While Paul conceals from his wife the terrible secret that binds him to Esthelle, the latter, still devoured by passion, begins to harass the unfortunate man. The seductive brunette now has only one obsession: to exact vengeance on Paul for his betrayal, even if it means destroying the peaceful life of her friend Karine. She uses her position as a clinician to influence Karine.

Paul wants to save his marriage and the marital happiness that took years to build, but Esthelle's morbid jealousy is stronger and Paul and Karine begin a relentless descent into hell.

Jealousy consumes a woman when she finds out that the man she once loved is married to her best friend.

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