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Dark Forest - Italy

Dark Forest (Italy, 2015) by Eurochannel



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Dark Forest (Il Bosco, 2015)

Cast: Giulia Michelini, Claudio Gioè, Andrea Sartoretti
Genre: Thiller, mystery, drama


Abandoned by her mother in a forest when she was a child, Nina grew up trying to escape from fear and her hometown. Now, 20 years later, she returns to investigate her mother’s fate. When a young girl is found dead in the same woods, Nina’s inquest takes a dark and mysterious turn. Dark thrills come to Eurochannel with the premiere of the new Italian series: Dark Forest!

Divided into four episodes, Dark Forest evolves around Nina, a young psychology graduate who has just won a chair to teach at the campus of the small town where she was born. It's been 20 years since she was there. Her long absence is due to an event in the past that devastated her; when she was a child, her mother, Cecilia, abandoned her, disappearing into the woods.

Nina knows that the real reason for her return isn't her work at the university but to find the answer to the question that has haunted her all her life: why did her mother abandon her? And now, what is the connection between her past and the death of a young student upon her arrival?

Little by little, Nina becomes convinced that the truth about her mother is not the one she has always been told. Cecilia didn't abandon her . . . someone killed her and made her disappear. As the protagonist begins to remember sporadic events of her childhood and her investigation develops, she soon discovers that everybody in town is involved in a dark secret and she can trust no one.

Eurochannel invites you to enter to the darkest woods of Italy to discover the truth about Nina’s past and what links the events of twenty years ago with the death of her student.

Dark Forest E1

After twenty years, Nina Ferrari (Giulia Michelini) returns to the small provincial town where she was born. She has won a chair to teach psychology at the local campus. Her long absence was motivated by a traumatic past event: her mother, Cecilia, abandoned her when she was a child. Her first week in town comes with tragedy as one of her students is found dead in the same place she was abandoned.

Dark Forest E2

Nina (Giulia Michelini) is attacked by the mysterious hooded figure. To save herself, she dives into the river which runs through the woods. She wakes up to find herself in Alex Corso's (Claudio Gioè) hideout. The two now have the chance to talk and they realize that they have a common goal: they are both in search of the truth about their past.

Dark Forest E3

Nina (Giulia Michelini) is alone and standing before the murderer in the woods. The hooded figure scrutinizes her for a while, then moves away, leaving her alone and terrified. Days later, Nina discovers a project her mother was leading and the identity of the man she thinks killed her mother.

Dark Forest E4

Nina's father is dead and she doesn't know what to think anymore: did her father really kill her mother? And why? Who murdered him?

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