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Darude - Finnish Music

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The first Finnish artist to be ranked in the top 3 singles in the UK is now on Eurochannel. Darude made his debut on the music scene in 1995 and has evolved within the trance and house music genre and kept his signature uplifting sound.

His 1999 hit "Sandstorm" held first place on the Finnish Dance Chart for seventeen consecutive weeks and was the world's biggest selling 12-inch single in 2000). Darude's album, Before the Storm, sold 800,000 copies all over the world, topped the Finnish album charts, and earned three Finnish Grammy awards. Feel the pulsations of his intoxicating music in his first Euromusic special.


Ville Virtanen is better known by his stage name, Darude. He was on born July 17, 1975 in Eura (Finland). After having played the Swedish song "Rude Boy" four times in a row at a party, he was given the nickname "Rude Boy," which gradually became "Da Rude", and eventually "Darude".

Virtanen continued producing music in school, and occasionally released demos to radio stations and even uploaded his music online to be downloaded for free download.

His biggest moment came in 1999 when a demo for "Sandstorm" landed in the hands of music producer JS16 (Jaakko Salovaara). Virtanen immediately signed with JS16's label and "Sandstorm" was released as a single to worldwide success. His first album Before the Storm soon followed, along with many other singles such as "Feel the Beat" and "Out of Control".

After years of touring and releasing more albums, Darude formed his own label, EnMass Music, in 2011 with American producer and DJ Randy Boyer.

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