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Deadly Game - Michelle Bonev - Italy

Deadly Game (Italy, 2013) by Eurochannel



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Deadly Game (Donne in gioco, 2013)

Director: Michelle Bonev
Cast: Michelle Bonev, Claudio Alfonsi, Gaetano Aronica
Genre: Drama


Olivia stops at nothing until a case is solved. Now, it’s time for her to realize that she is not only addicted to work! Eurochannel premieres Deadly Game, an exclusive Italian mini-series about the obsessive and dangerous world of illegal gambling . . . a world that even law enforcement officers can’t escape!

In this two-part drama, Olivia Cosmo is a police officer, a wife and mother. Juggling her job with her family life, she has always delivered her best in both worlds. But when she decides to help Natasha, an Eastern European girl caught up in a dangerous gambling addiction, Olivia cannot turn a blind eye to her cry for help, nor that of all the others who, like her, are afflicted with the disease which is gambling.

In Deadly Game, director, producer, writer and protagonist Michelle Bonev plunges deep into the reality of those trapped in the downfall spiral of gambling. Natasha even goes as far as selling her body to feed her addiction for gambling and that is when Olivia takes it personally. In the course of her investigation, Olivia discovers that the gambling rings are run by a mafia boss and she will stop at nothing to arrest him, even putting aside the needs of her family ― who, up until now, have been her only real priority in life.

The line between work and the addiction becomes blurred as Olivia falls victim to the beast she is fighting against: gambling! Putting her family’s future in danger to keep the investigation going, Olivia reaches a point of no return. Alone, and on the brink of an abyss, she faces the ultimate test which will bring her closer to her demons and her darkest fears.

Eurochannel invites you to meet a woman with no boundaries when it comes to doing her job . . . even putting herself in the most dangerous of situations!

Deadly Game – E1

Olivia (Michelle Bonev), a dedicated police officer, decides to help Natasha (Nadia Konakchieva), an Eastern European woman who has sacrificed her life savings and even her body to gambling. Absorbed in the investigation, Olivia infiltrates the illegal gambling rings but will also fall victim to an addiction that will put her and her family’s future at risk.

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