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Delirium - Till Endemann - Austria

Delirium (Austria, 2019) by Eurochannel

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Delirium (Im Schatten der Angst, 2019)

Director: Till Endemann
Cast: Julia Koschitz, Justus von Dohnányi, Aaron Friesz
Genre: Thriller
Length: 89’


Dr. Karla Eckhardt is a court-qualified expert who reevaluates the boundary between insanity and normalcy each day. However, the conflicting case of a well-known architect puts her abilities to a challenging and personal test. Eurochannel Premiers Delirium.

As a forensic psychiatrist, Karla Eckhardt works as an expert witness in criminal proceedings. She assesses the risk and culpability of criminals and decides whether they go to jail or an institution. After a woman was kidnapped, she was asked to judge whether the accused is guilty, but soon a murderous suspicion pushes Karla Eckhart to the limits of her resilience.

She has to assess whether the well-known architect Carsten Spanger is guilty. He tied up a young woman in his basement and scared her to death. Karla Eckhardt diagnoses him with a serious narcissistic personality disorder and soon suspects that she is dealing with an experienced perpetrator.

Could Spanger be a serial killer? Karla soon believes that another of his victims is helplessly trapped in hiding. Only Spanger can tell her where to look, but he remains silent and instead forces Karla to face her own demons.

Because of her risky duel with Spanger, she loses the trust of the police and the prosecutors. Now there is only one way to save Spanger's victim: Karla has to put herself completely in his hands. She is not concerned with guilt or moral judgements, but with the precise derivation, diagnosis and treatment of the mentally ill, her incorruptible view of the perpetrator leads to strange and yet very human worlds.

A forensic psychiatrist's mental health is put under pressure while assessing the criminal liability of an alleged murderer. When she understands that he might actually be a serial killer and one of his victims could still be alive, she decides to take it one step further, jeopardizing her own sanity.

Awards and festivals:
• Romy Gala, Austria 2020 - Nominee - Best TV Movie

Airing times

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