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Delusion (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, 2016) by Eurochannel



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Delusion (Teesklejad, 2016)
Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia

Director: Vallo Toomla
Cast: Mirtel Pohla, Priit Võigemast, Mari Abel
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Length: 102’

How to survive a marriage? Eurochannel presents an entertaining film that proposes an unorthodox and original answer to this question with the premiere of Delusion. This is a puzzling thriller that promises plenty of suspense for those who like that spine-chilling sensation of fear!

Delusion follows a singular marriage. Anna and Juhan arrive at a lavish seaside mansion to enjoy some vacation days away from the madness of their routines in the city. They also seem to have a love and hate relationship, trying to push each other’s rage buttons. When they meet another couple who is camping on the beach nearby, things get out of control for everyone!

Premiered at the 2016 San Sebastian Film Festival, one of the most iconic events of the European cinema circuit, Delusion plays with the idea of the unknown. As the plot develops the two couples start a game in which sexual insinuations, savagery, politeness and murder, blend into mayhem that will only end if Anna and Juhan work together as a team despite their opposing emotions.

Eurochannel invites you to discover how far humans can take offence, and what are we capable of doing to defend our loved ones and their honor.

A struggling married couple is offered a luxurious seaside mansion for a retreat by some rich friends. When a violent storm breaks out, they offer shelter to a couple of strangers, who think they are the owners. They do nothing to correct them and start playing into it.

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