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Deserters - Philippe Triboit - France



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Three Key Events that Marked World War I

Deserters (Les fusillés, 2015)

Director: Philippe Triboit
Cast: Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet, Michaël Grégorio, Scali Delpeyrat
Genre: Drama


Eurochannel invites you to join the adventure of two men as they struggle to prove their innocence in front of the firing line during the Great War… they are Deserters!

The trenches are ready, the equipment is packed and the adventure is set. In a story loosely inspired by true events, the protagonists are thrown in extreme situations, in almost unbearable daily conditions in the climax of World War. The conditions will make them reveal their true selves and make them prove their real worth.

Directed by Philippe Triboit, Deserters is a war movie with an original plot. In the film, two childhood friends, Bastian and Louis, are called to the front during the war. One is a patriot while the other, more opportunistic, constantly tries to take advantage of every situation, including this ferocious war. One night enduring an attack, Louis and his companions retreat hastily and lose their regiment. On their return, they are accused of desertion.

Dealing with friendship, solidarity and promiscuity, Deserters delivers a veritable rendition of the environment during the war, and the cast performances provide plenty of thrill and entertainment. And it did not go unappreciated, Deserters won the Jury Prize for Best Movie and the Pyrénées d’or for Best Fiction or Miniseries at the Luchon Festival in 2015.

Enjoy this period drama and witness the deepest emotions of soldiers fighting in a war alongside two men who will take every risk to save their lives.


Louis (Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet) is a 27-year-old reservist and patriot, as is his childhood friend and longtime rival Bastien (Michaël Grégorio), who sees the war, like everything else, as an opportunity. One night, as their unit sleeps near the front, they're bombed. Louis and his comrades fall back in disarray and in the general panic lose their regiment. When they locate it again a few hours later, their general accuses them of desertion.

Festivals and Awards:

• Jury Prize for Best movie - Luchon Festival 2015
• Pyrénées d’or - Luchon Festival 2015

Airing times

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