Discover the Lives of Full Disclosure


Elena Ferrante

Discover the Lives of Full Disclosure
Who Are the Main Characters of the Series?

Elena Ferrante (Played by Antonia Liskova)

Elena is the young wife of Pietro Mancini and a proud mother of two little girls. She lives what appears to be the perfect life, but she still carries with her the emotional scars of a dramatic event of her past. Many years ago, she was kidnapped and lost the child she was carrying. When Pietro suddenly disappears, the frightening feeling of a kidnapping returns . . . but she will be willing to do all she can for love!

Pietro Mancini (Played by Massimo Poggio)

Born into a modest family and with a dangerous past lived in the Roman countryside, as a boy, Pietro was in trouble several times for theft and other crimes. When he met Elena, however, his life changed: the two get married, Pietro opens an equestrian school and becomes a successful entrepreneur. He is a caring and affectionate father to his two daughters and is ready to do anything to protect his family. When a dark figure from his criminal past returns, he will have to survive a kidnapping and must prove his innocence and his love for Elena.

Giordano Testa (Played by Kaspar Capparoni)

Testa is a Deputy Police Chief, determined and courageous, always ready for action but, at heart, a great romantic. In the past, he was the one who saved Elena from kidnappers and fell in love with her. Now, he is divorced and has an eighteen-year-old daughter, but the reencounter with Elena rekindles his feelings for her and makes him realize he has never forget her. Hopelessly in love, he will do everything to win Elena's love, while shadows of his past come back to threaten him.

Gloria Keller (Valentina Cervi)

Gloria arrives at the Ferrante club during the time of Pietro's kidnapping. She is the most sensual of the new students in Gabriele's (Elena's brother) tennis class, and an overwhelming passion explodes between the two. Gloria intertwines her life with that of the Ferrante family, insinuating herself more and more into their affairs and secrets. Many years ago, she and Pietro were in love and her resentment over being abandoned translates into the desire to destroy the perfect life he has built with Elena.

Gabriele Ferrante (Simon Grechi)

Elena's older brother and confidant, Gabriele, was a promising tennis player but was the victim of an accident when he tried to save his sister from the kidnappers that took her years ago. Now, Gabriele takes care of the exclusive family sports club and is about to marry Irene. The arrival of Gloria, a mysterious and beautiful client, forces him to a painful sentimental conflict.

Irene Fiore (Camilla Filippi)

Irene is the daughter of General Gianmaria Fiore and Gabriele's betrothed. She is well-liked by the Ferrante family. Despite being a doctor and gynecologist, Irene’s greatest sorrow is her inability to get pregnant and have a child with Gabriel. When the latter loses his head over Gloria, Irene sees her dream of love vanish. But the solution seems at hand when Denise Alfieri, a girl determined to end her pregnancy, comes to her office.

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