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Discover the Lives of Mafia Undercover


Marco ‘Solo’ Paganni

Discover the Lives of Mafia Undercover
Who Are the Main Characters of the Series?

Marco ‘Solo’ Paganni (Marco Bocci)

The hero of the series, Marco Paganni, also known as Agent Solo, is an intelligence officer who has infiltrated one of the most dangerous mafia families in Naples. He is daring and does all in his power to bring criminals to justice ― as well believing in a strict code of honor. In his most recent mission, his values are put to test as his romantic feelings for the daughter of a mafia boss arise when still in a relationship with a police officer.

In this second season, the line between good and evil will become narrow for Marco. He will try to keep his position as an undercover agent while taking revenge on those who killed his girlfriend and the kidnappers of his beloved Agata.

Agata Corona (Carlotta Antonelli)

Agata is the youngest daughter of Antonio Corona, the mafia boss that controls the largest gateway port for illegal trafficking in the Mediterranean. She has always been spoiled, with a privileged life and indulgence of her every whim. When Agata meets Marco, her mischievous behavior starts to change to impress him ― she is in love with him.

Agata is kidnapped by unknown men and this season will prove definitive for her future in the family and her relationship with Marco.

Bruno Corona (Peppino Mazzotta)

The favorite son of mafia boss, Antonio Corona, Bruno’s mafia career started clumsily but, with time and expertise, he has earned the respect of both his friends and enemies. His connection to the mafia world makes Bruno an easy target for agent Marco Solo, who soon enough becomes Bruno’s right hand man.

Bruno is impulsive, has a quick temper, and never hesitates when it comes to pulling the trigger. His love for his family is what keeps him fighting and he will do everything in his power to rescue his sister Agata.

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Agata Corona


Bruno Corona

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