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Doomsday (Heimatland, 2015)

Director: Lisa Blatter, Gregor Frei, Benny Jaberg
Cast: Joachim Aeschlimann, Luna Arzoni, Nicolas Bachmann
Genre: Drama, suspense
Length: 100’


A hurricane of catastrophic proportions is brewing over Switzerland. The country is in a state of emergency. Ten directors from a new generation of filmmakers imagine how the Swiss would deal with the worst possible disaster: the downfall of their country. Eurochannel premieres Doomsday, an innovative yet harrowing take on the end of the world!

It is autumn and getting colder in Switzerland. Suddenly an inexplicable and frightening cloud is over the country. Its origin is a mystery to the experts, who merely state that it is growing continuously, and its unloading is only a matter of time. It is still calm outside but the cloud hangs over the country like the end of the world.

Conceived as a joint project by ten of the most promising Swiss directors, Doomsday also portrays a side of the country’s society in the past few years, shining a light on people, mentalities, and social environments in one of the world’s wealthiest countries.

As the plot develops, people react very differently to the impending storm: some ignore it, others barricade themselves, others even celebrate the end of the world. But the storm is also a uniting force: it exposes authentic needs, fears and hopes, and step by step reveals the consequences of political and societal isolation of the country

An apocalyptical storm threatens to wipe out an entire country. A state of emergency is raised while mayhem breaks out.

Airing times

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