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Dreamers - Jitka Rudolfová - Czech Republic



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Dreamers (Zoufalci, 2009)
Czech Republic

Cast: Simona Babcáková, Zuzana Onufráková, Václav Neuzil
Director: Jitka Rudolfová


Six friends. One city. Six reasons to leave that city behind. They share one common dream: to change their lives, be happy and finally make what they really want a reality. Eurochannel invites you to discover a unique and funny perspective of Czech society with a driving comedy: Dreamers. Will they achieve what they long for?

Dreamers is a Czech film from a new era of young filmmakers, supported by the revitalized industry of the country. Directed by Jitka Rudolfová, Dreamers invites viewers to both reflect and laugh alongside six hilarious characters in their thirties while they talk about their problems, life after high school and their plan to take a joyous journey.

Based partially on real events, as the director based the characters on her own friends' lives, Dreamers took part in the Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2010 and The Best Film of the First Year Award category at Famufest 2004.

Featuring the big screen debut of renowned actors from the Czech theatres, Dreamers bestows an unknown side of a mysterious country. While the protagonists deal with issues such as a bullying husband, alcoholism and homosexuality, they do their best to always find an excuse to smile and joke. Enjoy a funny side of the so-called mid-life crisis!


Six teenagers left their northern Bohemian hometown of Jablonec nad Nisou for Prague after graduating from high school. Now in their thirties, they are taking stock of their lives. Is it too soon for a change? Or perhaps it's too late because it's hard to jump off a moving train. Can the protagonists find new meaning in their lives by living together on an idyllic country farm?

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