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Interview with Goran Vojnovic

Dreams of Glory (Chefurs Raus!, 2013)

Director: Goran Vojnovic
Cast: Benjamin Krnetic, Dino Hajderovic, Ivan Pasalic, Jernej Kogovsek
Genre: Drama


Marko and his friends cope with the gritty reality of life as society outcasts. Violence, crime and drugs have slowly become part of their everyday life. After an encounter with the police, old friendships begin to crumble, and they go their separate ways. Eurochannel invites you to one of the most dangerous, vibrant and exciting suburbs of Europe in Dreams of Glory.

Based on an award-winning novel, Dreams of Glory follows the lives of Marko and his three friends, Adi, Aco and Dejan, in an ill-famed Ljubljana suburb, Fužine. They all are frustrated with their lives: Marko wants to become an NBA player but was expelled from his team after he was caught using drugs. Adi is troubled by his brother’s drug addiction; Aco feels he is being given a hard time by everyone in his life; and Dejan is anxious about his mother’s wish to move away, as he doesn’t want to leave his friends and everything he knows in Fužine.

Through an ingenious blend of comedy and drama, Dreams of Glory delivers a kind of Slovenian Trainspotting with a plot thicker than only drugs. In a clever and comical style, Dreams of Glory explores the struggles of the second-generation immigrant communities and the intolerance and hardships they face. As teenagers living in the high-rise flats of a grey and disreputable suburb, the friends have little else to do but hang out on the streets, smoking, drinking and causing trouble.

Welcome to Slovenia’s most famous immigrant neighborhood to discover what life is like for four friends trying to look for a brighter future in Europe. Will they fall into the downward spiral of drugs and crime like their peers, or will they change their future for the better?


Marko (Benjamin Krnetic) and his friends live in an ill-famed suburb. One mischievous night, they have a life-changing encounter with the police. Now, all their frustrations turn into anger as their possibilities in life are narrowed to two choices: continuing down a path of drugs and crime or breaking the cycle to become better men.

Festivals and Awards:

• Slovene Film Festival 2013
- Best Supporting Actor - Winner

Airing times

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